Running Assessments Herndon, VA

Running Assessments and Coaching Services

Running Assessment (2 hours)*

Your running assessment incorporates a full review of running history, injury history, and goals. It centers around a comprehensive running-specific musculoskeletal assessment that helps identify areas of tissue or joint restriction, weakness and muscle imbalances that can adversely affect running form and performance. Your gait is then recorded on a treadmill and analyzed with frame by frame video analysis. We combine the abnormalities in the gait cycle with the findings in the musculoskeletal assessment to determine the best corrective exercises and suggestions for you. You will receive a CD (or web link) with the video of your session along with a detailed printout of the analysis, corrective exercises, book (Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry), resistance band and soft tissue release ball


Running assessment (2 hours, $250)

  • Full review of running history, injury history, goals
  • Head to toe musculoskeletal assessment
  • Treadmill video analysis and review
  • CD and printout of analysis
  • Personalized corrective exercises
  • “Anatomy for Runners” (book)
  • Soft tissue release ball
  • Resistance band

One hour follow-up ($150)
Includes your choice(s) of:

  • exercise review/progression
  • video analysis update
  • musculoskeletal assessment update
  • Training plan review/progression
  • Running specific circuit training

Coaching Services

I believe that to improve as a runner, you have to improve in being an athlete. This starts with making sure you have the mobility, strength and stability needed to perform your specific activity (running!). In order to continue training, injury prevention is key. Starting with a biomechanical running assessment in combination with the musculoskeletal assessment will help to identify deficits specific to you that can be addressed before injury occurs. Exercises and drills that specifically address these deficits will help in reducing injury as well as having the added benefit of improving performance

Your personalized training plan will be made specific to your ability and goals. Once again injury prevention is key. An injured athlete can’t improve! We will do this with a plan that utilizes knowledge of tissue response and adaptation along with cardiovascular demand to continue building on itself and allow steady increases in performance. Periodization and mini-peaks will be incorporated depending on your goals and length of time we are working together. I am a level II RRCA certified coach and utilize the knowledge of different training approaches and science based evidence to help develop the best plan for you. Frequent communication via email will help allow adjustments as needed

Coaching plans*

All plans include an initial running assessment as described above.

5k (3 month plan):

  • Includes the initial running assessment, one follow-up, and 3 months of personalized training plans
  • $700

10 (6 month plan):

  • Includes the initial running assessment, two follow-ups, and 6 months of personalized training
  • $1050 (Save $100)

Half Marathon (9 month plan):

  • Includes initial assessment, 3 follow-ups and 9 months of personalized training plans
  • $1400 (Save $200)

Marathon (12 month plan):

  • Includes initial assessment, 4 follow-ups and 12 months of personalized training plans
  • $1750 (Save $300)

  • Custom rates available to students and prior patients of Optimal Motion. Please contact for information. Additional months or follow up visits can be added at agreeable rates.
  • In order to maintain high-quality individualized training plans, spots in the coaching program are limited. There is a wait list if interested.
  • Injured? Your running assessment may be covered under insurance as part of your rehab. Contact our office to find out how to begin your individualized running rehab program.