Telehealth Check-In

Here you will find all you need to know to prepare for a virtual visit with a physical therapist!

We understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought on concerns to us all about making sure we take care of ourselves, our families and those around us. While we continue to see patients in person under CDC guidelines for cleaning practices, we are also offering virtual appointments to our patients! These visits are offered online through your phone, laptop, computer or tablet!

Frequently Asked Questions –

What is telehealth?
Telehealth is a live virtual visit done online through audio/video on a secure platform with a healthcare professional. This service allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose, and develop plan of cares with patients using technology without the need for an in-person visit.

How do I request an appointment?
You can call us at 703-665-1444 or email us at

How does it work?
Your telehealth visit is scheduled with our office directly. See below for instructions on how to check in to

What is the cost of a telehealth appointment?
During this time, due to COVID-19, many insurance companies have temporarily approved coverage and has waived cost-sharing for telehealth visits for physical therapy.

If your insurance does not cover telehealth we have a discounted rate of:

$100/telehealth evaluation
$50/telehealth visit

As policies are changing, we will update our patients when we receive notice from insurance companies. Payments will be accepted at the time your appointment is scheduled.

What if I’m late for my visit?
Similar to our office policy, please let us know if you are running late. If you are more than 15 minutes late, our office has the right to reschedule your appointment to ensure every patient receives the care they deserve.

What to expect before your visit:

To request an appointment, you may call us at 703-665-1444 or email us at We will then book an appointment time for you with your physical therapist. Our admin team will then send you a consent form and any other necessary forms to be completed as well as collect your payment prior to your visit.

Please ensure you have the following for your visit:

  • Your computer, phone or tablet with video capabilities.
  • Signed consent form.
  • Your therapist may send some suggested items personalized to you for your visit. This list will be sent with your check-in email.

Check out this video from for a short tutorial on how to check in for your visit!

1 – Check your email for a link to your online personalized room.

2 – Make sure you are using chrome or Firefox and click on the link.

3 – Allow your browser access to your camera.

4 – Enter your name to let your therapist know you are ready.

5 – Once you are logged in, your therapist will request that you send your signed consent form through the secure portal. Once completed you are ready to go for your session!

Please give us a call with any questions!