Dan P.

I tore my rectus abdominus from my pubic bone a little over a year ago and have had two surgeries to repair. I have continued having pain and issues while diligently performing exercises and seeking treatment from 3-4 different Physical Therapists and 2 Chiropractors. What’s I’ve learned is that, unfortunately, most practitioners don’t know the core muscles well enough to actually help… they told me to do planks, and so I did planks… but most just don’t have the level of experience to specifically recognize the intricacies of using the correct muscles (and using them correctly!)

I finally found Secili DeStefano. I could tell after a single visit that this lady KNOWS what she is doing, (and that I’ve wasted the past year with every other therapist I’ve seen 🙁 …) I never really understood until now how important it is to find the right doctors… they just aren’t all created equally! She is extremely detailed in her instructions, personable, helpful, accommodating, passionate about what she does… you name it. I can’t say enough good things about her.

In summary, my personal experience with the injury has been a long and challenging year. I have still not fully recovered but I feel I would have had much more success if I had found a better physical therapist right off the bat. I HIGHLY recommend trying to get in to see Secili DeStefano specifically.