Inga M.

I had the best overall experience with Matt Barnes in Reston!

 1. The therapy: I drove all the way to Reston from North Arlington because I had heard that Matt Barnes can heal hamstrings. I had chronic hamstring pain in both hamstrings and could not even sit at the point I had seen Matt Barnes. I had had therapy on it before, as well as dry needling, and it did not work. I finally saw Dr. Amanda Trucksess, whom I love, and who finally referred me to Matt Barnes. (It was a coincidence that friends had told me about she knew him and I had heard of him already.) Dr. Truckess expected that I would eventually need PRP therapy because my condition was so chronic and long-lasting. She did not expect that physical therapy would be successful and told me that PRP was definitely a viable solution if and when the physical therapy failed. Due to the cost of PRP, I decided to try physical therapy anyway because of what I had heard about Matt. I am so happy I did! Indeed, Matt ended up helping me be able to sit, then sit longer, then have little to no pain with a combination of therapy, exercise, and needling. Because Matt is a runner and athlete, as I am, he understood my physiology and movements completely and knew exactly where to put the needles. His needling was very effective. I was also committed to the exercises he gave me.

ADDED BENEFIT: my rear grew bigger! My friend recently stopped me and said “I noticed you are carrying more junk in your trunk…in a good way!” I would not say I am JLo, but I do notice my jeans are tighter in the back! I could not believe it was noticeable! So, anyone who wants that “almost” JLo look without surgical intervention, can start to go in that direction with tips from Matt Barnes! Lol!

 2. Appointments: Perhaps the initial appointment was slightly difficult to obtain, however after the initial appointment, I had a very easy time of setting regular appointments with quite a few available times for my convenience. I even had limitations in that I only wanted Matt Barnes, so I expected it to be very difficult to make appointments. On the contrary, when I have gone to other physical therapy offices, I have had a much more difficult time securing appointments and waited an inordinate amount of time for my initial appointments at other facilities. I did not have that experience here …on the contrary, I pleasantly surprised.