Kelly T.

I was having bladder pain, chronic pain, nerve pain down my legs and hip and SI dysfunction. My life has improved because Secili brings joy to all who know her. I feel more hopeful about my chronic pain and my fitness moving forward. Secili is amazing! She is empathetic yet extremely knowledgable about all different facets of PT. She is like a true wonder in the field…she looks at so many aspects of the body to help try to find the underlying cause of your pain, not just want the doctor may have noticed. She is always so positive and encouraging and helps remind you that things will get better! Secili is such an amazing PT who looks at the “whole person” including their different biomechanics, diets, supplements, etc. and their situations into consideration when she is recommending a course of treatment. I have recommended her to my family members and closest friends. She is really the Cream de la Cream!