Lisa M.

“I don’t know if I can run on the track at the gym. I’ll be the slowest runner there. What if I have to stop and catch my breath? This jogging takes forever. Trying to get my six mile run down below 9 minutes per mile is never going to happen, even if I can complete the six miles. Maybe I should take up swimming. I am 46 and getting up there and maybe I’ll never be able to run like I used to. My feet and ankles hurt so much!!

One running analysis and six weeks later after learning my left leg was crossing over the middle plane of my body when it landed, my right arm was swinging out of alignment, my hip flexors were weak, and some simple stretching and strengthening exercises as well as minor attention to alignment and form, and listen to me my inner dialogue now:

“I can’t believe I can do a six mile run below 8 minutes per mile. I couldn’t even do that in college. I love running around the track now. Haven’t been beaten yet. And it is so easy to do! I can do 7 miles now, sometimes 8. I can even have dessert now 🙂

No pain in the feet and ankles. So light on my feet – I feel like I’m floating rather than running. Did someone say half marathon?? And age? Just a number :)”

Thanks, Matt for the Running Analysis. It has made such a huge difference in my running and I truly look forward to the track each day!!