Rosemary C.

I began seeing Secili in Spring of 2017 as a last ditch effort to treat my right hip. After an unsuccessful surgery for hip impingement and a labral tear in 2012 I was left with more pain than I’d had pre-surgery. By the time I began seeing Secili, I’d been in and out of physical therapy for years and tried everything from platelet rich plasma to acupuncture to regular massage to treat the flare-ups that seemed to happen every couple months no matter how diligent I was about keeping my hip and the rest of my body active and strong. Though I’d seen some really fantastic physical therapists, no one could seem to get to the bottom of why my hip pain continued to flare up despite the incredible amount of time and energy I’d been spending trying to control the pain.

When I first saw Secili and she suggested my pelvic floor might be involved in my hip pain, I wasn’t sold on the idea since I didn’t have any of what I consider to be the typical signs and symptoms. However, within a month of weekly visits using dry needling and ultrasound guidance to assist me in finding and firing the correct muscles with a focus on the pelvic floor I couldn’t believe how much better the entire right side of my body felt. Secili is efficient, thoughtful, and fully engaged every time we meet. She listens to me and takes into account my ideas about my body and treatment, but is not afraid to offer other ideas if she disagrees. She makes herself accessible by text or phone between appointments if I need her and I can tell she gives thought to my case between sessions. But the best evidence Secili’s skill is the fact that 7 years after surgery I finally no longer need weekly physical therapy! I feel so lucky to have found her and had her as a partner in my recovery.